Gabe Saporta: Not Dead

Aug 12th, 2008 // 8 Comments

AP080721033225.jpgJust in case you were wondering why on earth “gabe saporta dead” was rising up the Google Trends ranks yesterday, apparently some lunatic out there Photoshopped an page and a death certificate that were both claiming the Cobra Starship singer had died in a bus accident. (Seriously, who has time to do that? Is it because summer vacation is almost over or what?) But he’s fine. “Sorry to disappoint,” he said in a MySpace blog post debunking the rumor. [Cobra Starship: MySpace Blog]

  1. DocStrange

    People have alot of time on their hands to decide that the person that they want to hoax as dead is the singer for a third rate alternative dance band.

  2. ITMS

    @DocStrange: Seriously! And a bus accident? If they had all that time, they could have come up with a much more interesting death story.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @DocStrange: @ITMS: i’m starting to wonder if this whole thing was the result of some fanfiction writer getting a little too “real” with her character bible.

  4. scarletvirtue

    @Maura Johnston: Quite possibly. And it would probably involve William Beckett pushing Gabe in front of that bus, because he was jealous of Gabe paying more attention to Pete than to him. Or something.

  5. amandacobra

    Not dead. But still in Cobra Starship. So you take good with bad, I guess.

  6. DocStrange

    @amandacobra: I first heard of Cobra Starship because of “Snakes In A Plane” and because that stupid song they did for the theme song that had a bunch of other third rate Fueled by Ramen artists and (for no reason at all) Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds (who obliterates every other artist on the track). None of the other songs I’ve heard by this band were any good. They just really try to sound like what would happen if Liars and Fall Out Boy suddenly merged together.

  7. dhacullenchykk

    since when would he need to use the bus…?

  8. Melissa Cheng

    wat kinda jackass would do that?

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