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76228744.jpgThe full version of “Jockin’ Jay-Z,” a Blueprint 3 track produced by Kanye West, has made its way to the Internet in both SFW and NSFW form. [Nah Right]

  1. jus10j

    Terrible sounding Oasis feud reference, “I’m so doughboy fresh”, THAT CHORUS…it’s official. Jay-Z’s just not trying anymore. Or rather, this is further evidence that he hasn’t been trying for a long time.

    Money money money money money nom nom nom I’m retired I’m not here’s more crap

  2. T'Challa

    Oh Jus101. Don’t be mad that Jay is still killin’ ‘em out there, while the best Oasis can do is throw stones from the cut-out bin. Champagne Supernova my ASS. Deal.

  3. T'Challa

    Let’s allow “that bloke from Oasis” to pull his own foot out of his big mouth:

    *Not only did Hova mimic Noel onstage with a “Wonderwall” impression, but the Glastonbury Festival performance sold out, something Gallagher believed wasn’t possible with a headlining Hip Hop act. Immediately afterward, “99 Problems” jumped back on the UK singles chart. And to put a nail in the coffin, Jay-Z’s newest single from The Blueprint 3 addresses Noel’s foot-in-the-mouth comment (“That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar / Somebody should have told him I’m a fucking rock star”).

    Now in the recent issue of NME Magazine, Gallagher attempted to change his stance on Jay-Z. “I wasn’t saying I was better than Jay-Z as a person or rock was greater than Hip Hop as a thing or whatever it is. I said what I said, and it was wrong, or it was taken wrong, and now all this.”

    He went on to explain that his intentions were never to start a conflict, and that he can see them hanging out in the near future. “For my own part, I can sit here and say I never dissed that guy. I never would. But there’s no point in going on about it, because you end up sounding like Heather Mills: ‘I said this! I meant that!’ I’ll have a beer with him one day and it’ll all be fine.”

    To end it, Noel stated he’s past the whole ordeal. “He knows that I was misrepresented, as I guess he was, so let’s move on.”

    …and we love it!

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