MySpace Music: The Run-Up To Launch Is Getting “Desperate”

Aug 12th, 2008 // Comment

The latest problems plaguing MySpace Music, the fading social-networking service’s joint venture with the majors that is allegedly going to launch in September: A slew of candidates for the CEO position have flat-out turned down the gig; finding a CEO now, if it happens, would be dicey, since any new bigwigs would likely have enough opinions on how things are going to warrant sweeping changes; and the technology team is getting “all-consuming and desperate” in its attempts to hook the service into MySpace’s toothpicks-and-glue infrastructure, because they’re sure that any further delays will alienate partners. On the bright side, this will probably make the service’s Snocap experiment seem like a resounding success in hindsight. [The Deal via Hypebot]


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