Aug 13th, 2008 // 8 Comments’s Scott Woods has posted a new Muxtape consisting entirely of interviews and news items: Marshall McLuhan, Bob Dylan, and audio footage of news of John Lennon’s 1980 death. The big kahunas here, though, are the two 45-minute halves of a long session with Lester Bangs, in which the late critic goes on about new wave (he finds it lacking: the Pretenders’s Chrissie Hynde “sounds like Sandie Shaw” and the band “sounds like a thousand other bands”). Though these long pieces cut off midway through, this is recommended to criticism fans, which hopefully means you. [Muxtape]

  1. Ned Raggett

    the Pretenders’s Chrissie Hynde “sounds like Sandie Shaw”

    There’s some extended Smiths/Suede riff I want to make on all this but my brain is toast today.

  2. bcapirigi

    I think sounding like Sandie Shaw is a wonderful thing. But then, maybe that’s why I’ve always found Lesters Bangs totally boring.

  3. Eugene Langley

    Strange that I’d never heard his voice before. Didn’t think he’d sound quite like that. In any case, these are great.

  4. Anonymous

    Bangs is great except for his contempt of progressive rock…love him though…

  5. RaptorAvatar

    I don’t agree with everything Bangs has ever said. But then, no critic gets the point every time. Plus, there are things you only come around to years later. That said, I’ve been reading both of his anthologies intermittently for the past year and, even when I have no frame of reference, he consistently blows me away as both a critical intellect and as an electrifying writer so I’m unequivocally psyched about grabbing this thing when I get home.

  6. DJorn

    Did anyone listen to the radio broadcasts from the night of Lennon’s death? What stood out to me as kind of weird was how many stations were playing Beatles songs written by Paul. “Hey Jude” turns up, so does “We Can Work It Out”.

  7. Anonymous

    First time commenter – I was so moved by the depth of Bangs commentary that I decided to write in. Or perhaps I’m drunk.

  8. Good writing, maybe im more intrested in other posts liek this, can someone post links if they know? Thanks!

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