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AP680228069.jpgApparently, there are talks between Paul McCartney and Louise Harrison–George’s sister, who’s lived in the U.S. since before the Beatles blew up–to open a Beatles museum in Branson, Mo., Harrison’s home city. There’s already one museum dedicated to the band in Liverpool; given the band members’ later residencies in New York and Los Angeles, you’d be forgiven for imagining (sorry) a museum to be constructed in one of those cities. But Louise has the memorabilia, and in a city where Yakov Smirnoff can make a living, it’s hard not to imagine something like this doing well. [EW Hollywood Insider]

  1. The Illiterate

    Considering how much they borrowed from Motown, I’d vote for Detroit.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Can’t see Yoko letting this happen. And hey! What about Ringo? I think he was in the band too and he might still be alive. Perhaps someone should check.

  3. Anonymous

    The Beatles as Branson shlock? The final sign of the apocalypse is here.

  4. Luke N Atmaguchi

    While you’re there, be sure and check out the Jimmy Page exhibit at the DEATH WISH museum . . . Oh wait, that’s in BRONSON.

  5. Anonymous

    oh god no – no no no no no no no no no please no

  6. NeverEnough

    There used to be a Beatles Museum in Virginia Beach: []

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