Videodrone Presents A Drum & Bass Revival

Aug 13th, 2008 // 6 Comments

No, the genre formerly known as jungle isn’t staging any sort of chart takeover. (Though d&b singles do pop up pretty regularly on the BBC Radio 1 Independent Label Top 30, not that this is any sort of real-world indicator of anything.) Nevertheless, this brief video places two latter-day drum & bass favorites (Konflict’s “Messiah” segueing into Bad Company’s “The Nine”) over shaky videocamera footage of a Holy Ghost Revival meeting. That footage, with its original soundtrack, is embedded after the jump, but the above remix is definitely the winner here, thanks to the dancers’ spirit-feeling moves not all that dissimilar to those of actual d&b ravers. Not to mention the awesome word balloons that pop up about halfway in.

Messiah Remix Goes Off!! [YouTube] (HT: Tricia Romano @ Pop and Politics)

  1. natepatrin

    You can’t spell Jesus without e.

  2. Hyperion

    @natepatrin: And you can’t spell “Holy Ghost Revival” without “Ketamine.”

    Oh, wait, you can? Nevermind then.

  3. dafstar

    just brilliant.

  4. sublicon

    Clever as hell.

  5. Anonymous

    Wowee zowee, maybe this explains my entire raving career, particularly my love for dnb…from about 9-12 I attended one of these ‘ecstatic dancing’-friendly churches, and it freaked me the fuck out.


  6. Anonymous

    Brilliant. But can I just say that the original is hardly un-funky?
    The drummer tosses off some pretty wicked breaks.

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