Aug 13th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Upon hearing that Warner Music Group recorded-music bigwig Lyor Cohen had sold 23% of his stock in the company–and raked in a $6.8 million payday as a result–one former employee said to me, “If i still worked there, I’d consider setting the building on fire. What a boost for company morale.” Not to mention stockholder morale–WMG is currently trading 8.5% lower than it did yesterday. Well, at least there’s the dim future hope of all those Guitar Hero royalties, right, guys? [Reuters via WP]


  1. alec_baldwin

    OK. Cohen was a “special needs” executive while at UMG. There is no way he ever worked in any other capacity for Doug Morris. Lyor Cohen is aggressively stupid. So is his sidekick Craig Kallman. There are no words for Bronfman. None. Absolutely none.

  2. alec_baldwin

    Cohen is the what happens when Children of the Corn grow into adults. Scary.

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