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boom.jpgA Los Angeles man has killed a “neighborhood pest” whose main offense was blaring his music for all his neighbors to hear when he would get home in the wee hours. “Every night he would come home and play his music. People were asking him to turn the music down, but it seemed like he did it to irritate people,” a police lieutenant told reporters. “His windows would be open, like: `Take that.”‘ I’m going to presume that the guy who was popped wasn’t playing Take That, but then again, I’ve heard weirder news. [LA Daily News]


  1. dyfl

    Would it be considered a threat if I had slipped a printout of this article under the door of my upstairs neighbor from my last apartment? Man, I do not miss living under that crazy drunken _____.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @dyfl: ooh, is this a match game invitation?

  3. TheRunningboard7

    I used to live above a group of people who blared Andrew WK and only Andrew WK for hours straight at parties where a bunch of drunk people moshed the house into ruin. Literally. Ruin. All of their furnished items were destroyed by guests. Ceiling fans were ripped out, windows were broken, guitars were smashed, and for some reason, an alter to Kerry King was built. That part I don’t get…

    Anyway, that was college, and fun enough to live above. Now that I have things like, you know, responsibility, and a wife, and a dog, I think that I’d be pissed. Doubting I’d take a dude out, though.

    … i do sometimes miss that computerized voice that spelled my evening’s ruin: “” … those kids were alright.

  4. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @Maura Johnston: Ooh, I love Match Game. I’m gonna guess “llama.” Those always seemed like the assholes of the animal world to me.

  5. MTS

    Looking at that boombox and reading the news item made me think of Do the Right Thing.

  6. amandacobra

    One time, I lived in an apartment with very thin walls next to an awful neighbor who liked to pass the wee hours by playing Halo at full volume and shouting racial slurs at the television while I tried to sleep in my bedroom on the other side of the wall. So on a three day weekend when I was pretty sure he would have to try to sleep at some time and I would be away, I propped my stereo up next to his bedroom wall and put on The Who’s “You Better You Bet” (just thought it would be good for the job) on repeat, turned it up and left for three days. I think he moved. I never had problems with him again.

  7. Bob Loblaw

    @MTS: Sad emoticon.

  8. DeeW

    My roommate plays her music when she comes in late at night. I don’t think it’s loud at all. In fact, it’s pretty quiet and I can barely hear it in my bedroom. But the guy in the building next to us starts screaming at the top of is lungs (and thus annoying far more people than my roommate does).

    I live in Los Angeles.

    I haven’t seen my roommate in a few days.

    Seriously, I’m getting nervous.

  9. Anonymous

    If her name was Jubenal Guillen and she was 55 (and male) you should TOTALLY be nervous.

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