Aug 14th, 2008 // 7 Comments

AP060303041101.jpgGlam-rock icon Gary Glitter has completed his 27-month sentence for abusing two girls in Vietnam, and Vietnamese authorities are returning him to his home country of England next week. [Telegraph]


  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    As Glitter emerges from the plane, a hush grows over the crowd. Suddenly, a familar sound blares over the PA:

    Dun nu nu nu nun nu, HEY! Dun nu nu nu. Dun nu nu nun nu, HEY!, Dun nu nu nu.

    //funnier in my head.

  2. walkmasterflex

    it looks like the top of his head was removed while he was in prison

  3. Hyperion

    That soldier behind him looks like he’s about to stab him in the neck on behalf of all sporting event attendees of the past 20 years

  4. dreamsneverend

    What a dirtbag…

  5. the sieve

    Wow, he doesn’t look like a creepy old child molester AT ALL.

  6. Clevertrousers

    What underage girl could resist that sexy beast?

  7. sicksteanein

    Good. Now I’ll never have another one of those “Free Glitter” misunderstandings at my meetings.

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