Solange Reigns Supreme Over Her Elephant-Filled World

Aug 18th, 2008 // 9 Comments

The clip for Solange’s “Sandcastle Disco” premiered on FNMTV Friday night, and while I take issue with the idea that “no one else” out there is making music like this right now, which one of the show’s panelists espoused–the fact that Amerie’s Because I Love It never came out over here doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!–the track, with its lighter-than-air girl-group harmonies and organ filigrees, is pretty irresistible in a hooks-all-over kind of way. [YouTube]


  1. Nunya B

    The album is gooooooood, by the way.

  2. Nunya B

    Amerie’s album actually doesn’t sound too much like Solange’s- there’s less go-go yelping on the Solange album, and everything is slower and glossier.

  3. ITMS

    @Nunya B: I actually have to say a huge AMEN to that.

    I have no guilt about my love for Solange. I can even forgive her for this video.

  4. thearcanemodel

    It’s a nice song, although it took me a couple of listens to sink in (those verses are wordy!). I find both the song and video interesting because the stylistic choices seem to scream “big in the UK.” (Ditto the album title and choice of collaborators.) Not that that’s a bad thing (unless she wants to be big in the US too), and I’m probably being a little doom and gloom (although the sagas of Amelie and pre-”Milkshake” Kelis don’t help). Regardless, it sounds like she has found her muse and it’s good.

    PS – I actually didn’t have a lot of Solange knowledge so I wikipedia’ed her. Girlfriend not only wrote “Get Me Bodied” and birthed a child, but is also “working with a Private Equity firm to help finance special projects in distribution, promotions and marketing music with Music World Entertainment and Geffen.” Damn! What the fuck was I doing at age 22? (Let’s keep that question rhetorical.)

    @ITMS: I feel you. My favorite comment on that YouTube page was, “Who directed this? Lisa Frank?” Pretty large kernel of truth to that one….

  5. thearcanemodel

    @thearcanemodel: gah. “Amerie”, that is, not the wide-eyed stalker/gamine portrayed by Audrey Tatou.

  6. Nunya B

    The moment has passed, by the way, but



  7. alec_baldwin

    She sorta has a major tranny vibe going.

  8. Tauwan


    God can we please save the hate and snark for another artist and/or
    post. This girl is doing the damn thang. Or at least is trying to.
    Let’s pat her on the back and hope for the best. Jesus. Is that too
    much to ask these days? God.

  9. Anonymous

    Nice use of the ‘Mary Mary’ beat.

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