Tracey Thorn Pops Her Head Up

Aug 18th, 2008 // 5 Comments

The ever-bewitching Tracey Thorn has posted some new music to her MySpace page: the mournful “Overture,” on which Thorn’s rich alto sounds as clear as a bell, is a collaboration between her and the gloomy Hungarian trio The Unbending Trees that’ll appear on the band’s next album, Chemically Happy (Is The New Sad). Also, she’s collaborating with Jens Lekman for her follow-up to 2007′s outstanding Out Of The Woods, and here are the plans for it as of now: “there will be a guitar, and a mic, and jens with his laptop, and who knows what may come of it. a number one single possibly. or an obscure b-side. you don’t really have b-sides nowadays do you. pity really, they were always our best tracks.” Not that I didn’t love her last album, but the Magnetic Fields covers that she put out with the single for “Raise The Roof” definitely bear out that statement. [MySpace]

  1. Nunya B

    “Smoke and Mirrors” was SO GOOD, oh my god, can I get a yes on this one? Actually, all three covers were brilliant.

    I can’t wait for Tracey’s next album; I only recently got into Out of the Woods and I can’t stop listening to it in all its forms – remixes, the album, everything.

  2. Ned Raggett

    It’s not the most exact comparison but I just passed on word of this story to a friend and I noted to her that Thorn’s closest counterpart in terms of her general approach (album less as unified statement and more as central point of work in general, her varying collaborators) might actually be current David Sylvian. Maybe.

  3. bcapirigi

    her myspace blog commenters are quite the himbos, aren’t they?

  4. Maura Johnston

    @bcapirigi: well, consider the venue.

  5. westartedthis

    now that’s a collaboration i’m pretty excited about.

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