Muxtape Gets Jammed

Aug 19th, 2008 // Comment

muxy.pngUser-generated streaming-mixtape site Muxtape is currently down because of “a problem with the RIAA,” according to the site’s front page. With the current tussling over how much online services should pay to stream audio, this sort of “problem” isn’t all that surprising, but it is interesting to note that a post on the service’s blog says “no artists or labels have complained,” and that this closure isn’t permanent. Developing… (Disclosure: I met Muxtape founder Justin Ouellette at a panel discussion last week, and found him to be very charming and–more importantly–very concerned about how artists could benefit from the site, which would seem to be why there’s a project called “Muxtapes For Bands” in beta right now. Also I have (had?) a Muxtape, although linking to it now is kinda moot.) [Muxtape]


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