An Irony-Free Moment Featuring A Cute Couple Playing Country Music

Aug 19th, 2008 // 5 Comments

I assumed I was probably the only person on earth following CMT’s pairs-skate version of American Idol Can You Duet, so there wasn’t really anyone around to share my pain when Joey & Rory, an adorable married couple comprised of a farmer/songwriter husband and his restaurant-owning wife, couldn’t quite pull out a victory. Thankfully, they’ve bounced back from their crushing defeat to release a single, and while the track doesn’t quite capture what I liked about them on the show, it’s still a nice flashback to the pre-Toby Keith country music era. [Joey & Rory]

  1. Defenestrated

    Never watched the show, but this is indeed much preferable to the Toby Keith brand type stuff. Also doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable together, backstory and all.

  2. Anonymous

    this song makes me not hate modern country music. love it.

  3. dog door

    not trying to be a hater, honestly. but how is this different from everything else? hokey lyrics, standard issue violin, exaggerated southern accenting, did I miss the pedal steel somewhere?

  4. Chris N.

    That show was approximately 11,693 times better than this year’s ‘Nashville Star.’ Except for that one judge’s hair, which made me want to kick the TV.

  5. Defenestrated

    @dog door: For me, it’s the palm-muted guitar chug during the verses that first grabbed me (that is what it is, right? not a guitar player). The production also doesn’t seem to be wrung within an inch of its life, but with youtube quality it’s hard to tell.

    I’m also a huge sucker for some fiddle.

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