Gary Glitter Gets Out: Should We Get Ready For “Rock & Roll, Pts. 3-33″?

Aug 19th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Fallen glam-rocker Gary Glitter was shipped back to the United Kingdom today–in coach!–nearly three years after he was convicted of sex offenses against children in Vietnam. His lawyer told reporters that Glitter is mainly worried about looking after his health when he returns to his homeland, although he’s also told reporters that he wants to get back to making music once again. Given that this nation’s ballparks have little problem keeping “Rock And Roll, Pt. 2″ in their between-innings rotation, could this shift back to his original career actually be… good for him?

OK, probably not.

He told a newspaper: “I have an incomplete album that I want to finish. I have been thinking about the plan during my days in jail. I have sung rock ‘n’ roll for 40 years. After jail I will rock ‘n’ roll.”

Perhaps he hasn’t read of the British DJ who had to apologise after listeners hounded him with complaints when he played a Glitter song on air.

Raymond Paul broadcast Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again on the Cyprus station Rock FM. His audience called it a “disgusting” and “despicable” promotion of a convicted sex offender’s music.

The music journalist David Sinclair says Glitter has burnt his career bridges.

“A lot of people in pop and entertainment transgress in all sorts of ways and often it adds to the mystique and interest in them.

“But in the case of molesting girls it is a real no-no. If he tried playing shows he would probably meet a lot of opposition.

“Who would book him? Who would give him a record deal? There is no way out of it for him. Perhaps there would be market value in him selling his story but who would run with it?”

Ha ha, David Sinclair, apparently you haven’t been to this side of the pond! We have tons of outlets that would “run with it.” Who knows, maybe this will be what finally gets TMZ to start a record label? After all, they seem to have no problem moralizing about celebrities and profiting off them at the same time.

Glitter Hopes To Revive Pop Career [Sky News]


  1. Jon Can Dance

    I thought Colonel Sanders was dead?

  2. MrStarhead

    How is what Gary Glitter did any worse than what R. Kelly did?

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