The Saddest Line In A “New York” Sex Diary Ever, Courtesy Some Unnamed Musician Who Should Probably Stay Anonymous

Aug 19th, 2008 // 7 Comments

woody-paige.jpg“5:30 p.m.: Order Thai delivery and jerk off while watching Around the Horn on ESPN.” I just… I mean… Oh, God, please tell me it wasn’t a Woody Paige episode. [NYM via thisisareallybadidea]

  1. Anonymous

    Hehe – great tag.

  2. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Of course, ATH is on at 5 PM, not 5:30. I call shennanigans.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: I thought the same thing, but then I realized… what if it was the finale that got him all hot and bothered?

  4. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Maura Johnston: That JA Adande is insatiable.

  5. DavidWatts

    I guess he took the title of the show a little too literally.

  6. Maura Johnston

    @relaxing: not always! believe me, i know. those days are like *gifts*.

  7. relaxing

    Unfortunately, Woody Paige is always on around the horn. (Personally, I jerk off thinking about Tony Kornheiser.)

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