Hey, Look, Kristy Lee Cook Got Her Horse Back

Aug 20th, 2008 // 10 Comments


American Idol watchers may remember the sob story proffered by the Teflon-coated warbler Kristy Lee Cook when she first auditioned, and how she had to sell her beloved horse in order to scrape up enough money to get in front of Paula, Randy, and Simon. So is this cover the culmination of her reunion journey with her horse? Is that actually an equine stand-in? Or was this art subbed in at the last minute after the powers that be decided that outtakes from her fake sex tape wouldn’t really go over so well with the “God Bless The USA” crowd?

[via Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]


  1. Chris N.

    Quite a semantic pretzel you’ve got there with that last line.

  2. CloudCarrier


  3. ITMS

    Can we talk about the lack of punctuation on the title “why wait”?

  4. Anonymous

    “Why? Wait!”

  5. Maura Johnston

    “why… wait!!!”

  6. Defenestrated

    Kristy Lee! Cook: Why Wait

  7. Chris N.

    A friend and I once determined that the words “don’t eat that fuckhead” constituted the most entertainingly pliable phrase in the English language. To wit:

    Don’t eat that, fuckhead!
    Don’t eat? That fuckhead!
    Don’t! Eat that, fuckhead!
    Don’t eat that? Fuckhead!
    Don’t? Eat that, fuckhead!
    Don’t eat that! Fuckhead!

  8. brasstax

    Airbrushing excluded, that took about 1 minute to make. WTF HIRE ME FOR YOUR RUSH JOB CD COVERS RECORD LABELS!

  9. jenocyde

    I went to Idol Live last night (Ft. Lauderdale) and Kristy Lee’s first song lost the audience fast. But then, her second song, that pandering, horrible “God Bless the USA” won the audience back (idiots) – she opened and ended the song talking about soldiers and they had a big Disney-esque American flag and stars displayed behind her for the song’s loooong duration. It did get her a standing ovation. cringe.

  10. metalkate

    what an asshat. i hope she didn’t get her beloved horse back, she really doesn’t deserve it. tens of thousands of unwanted horses are exported from the USA (god bless it!) every year – selling your pet on down the line is a good way to in-secure its future.

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