Gary Glitter Is Refusing To Rock & Roll Back To The UK

Gary Glitter’s post-prison-stint deportation to the UK from Vietnam has hit a snag: He’s refused to go back to Britain and has instead fled to Hong Kong. While changing planes in Bangkok, he claimed that he was having both a heart attack and an earache and demanded to go to a local hospital; a local doctor said he was fine for travel (although suffering from the rib inflammation costochondritis), and after he was diagnosed, Glitter stationed himself in an airport lounge and eventually negotiated passage to Hong Kong.

Glitter was actually scheduled to be hit with a foreign travel ban when he returned to the UK, because British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wanted to prohibit him from engaging in any further “sex tourism.” Of course, the fact that he fled to Hong Kong is notable because the country is, as the Telegraph notes, co-hosting the Olympics right now. Surely he isn’t currently planning a grand performance of the sports-arena staple “Rock And Roll, Pt. 2” in honor of the Games, now, right?

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