The Indie-Rock Mixtape: Who Should Go Next?

thedeadscience.jpgThe Seattle group the Dead Science has a very good new album coming out in a couple weeks called Villainaire, and in anticipation they’ve issued not one, but two mixtapes through their Web site. One is mixed, the other not, something lots of DJs are doing more of now–DJ /rupture’s forthcoming Uproot mix is scheduled to be accompanied by Uproot the Ingredients, featuring full versions of the DJ’s chosen tracks, and we’ve noted before the trend of MP3 versions of DJ-mix sets containing the selections unmixed.

Though the Dead Science’s new album is full of Wu-Tang Clan references–the opening track is called “Throne of Blood (The Jump Off),” for instance–the mixtape promo route is one we’re likely to see more of from indie bands. Of course, plenty of rock musicians (and other non-Djs) have made mix-CDs for public consumption, but we’d like to see which artists you’d like to see go this route in the comments.

The Dead Science