Aug 20th, 2008 // 3 Comments

raqueldane.jpgAmerican Idol‘s audition cattle calls are almost winding down, and the list of “plants”–professional or semi-professional singers who the producers are expecting to shine in Hollywood Week and beyond–has already started surfacing. Among them: a Doobie Brother’s daughter who appeared on the spawn-of-rockers show Rock The Cradle; an ex-girlfriend of the notoriously unfunny Dane Cook (pictured); and an ex-teenpop singer who went by the single name Joanna when she put out an album on Geffen two years ago. Wow, that’s a much faster post-fall from grace turnaround than the one Carly Hennessy had! [Vote For The Worst]


  1. amandacobra

    dating dane cook? being on american idol?

    i hope one day this girl can write the final tell-all book on living a life mired in mediocrity.

  2. brasstax

    Have they announced that Randy and Paula have been fired yet? No? Well the show’s just going to get worse.

  3. dabug

    Ha, I have that Joanna CD. It’s not terrible, I actually like her cover of “Screaming Infidelities.” She wasn’t exactly the lowest-profile ringer to bring in though, was she?

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