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AP080613033903.jpgFollowing the posting of some computer-crippling, videogame-memory-triggering snippets from its new album, Death Magnetic, Metallica will premiere its new single, “The Day That Never Comes,” on its Web site at 2 p.m. ET today. Also, the band is going to have some “retro” shows in the UK and Germany for fan club members, and ticket prices will be £5 and 10€, respectively. What, they couldn’t make the UK show £5.98 and make the fans even more nostalgic? [Blabbermouth / NME]


  1. CarsmileSteve

    at current exchange rates, that would make the london gig £3.21 and the german €4.07…

    also these were being billed as charity gigs this morning, but how do you raise money if yr only charging that much?

  2. TheContrarian

    Apart from the really dumb vocals, this isn’t THAT bad. At least they sound like they’re trying.

  3. Marth

    There’s something really not-quite-right about this song. And I can’t even begin to describe exactly what that might be. It’s like a musical version of the uncanny valley; everything is here and in place to be a pretty good heavy, fast, semi-complex Metallica song, and yet there’s just something disconcerting about it (in the same way that there was something disconcerting about those kids in The Polar Express). It’s as if it wasn’t performed by a band, but created from the half-asleep collective unconscious of a million former Metallica fans.

    Count me among the few (if any?) that believe Metallica, after Load and ReLoad, should’ve just completely gone their own way, off the deep end, into whatever kind of music they wanted to get into. Psyche rock? Country? Ravi Shankar covers? Whatever. Something about this whole new attitude of “We’re going to play fuckin’ heavy and fast just like we used to, you’ll see!” is starting to turn out some not-so-great results. Sure, they’re trying to please their fans who haven’t necessarily been into the last, oh, 12 years of music, but it seems their heart just isn’t in it. And why should it be? They’re not 20 years old anymore! If they’d be happier right now playing acoustic blues jams or something, then that’s what they should be doing. Say what you will about Load and ReLoad, but at least they felt honest.

  4. AquaLung

    @Marth: I agree. This song starts out like a single from “Load,” then they just throw on like five minutes of heavy jamming at the end to get that “old Metallica” feel. Doesn’t feel sincere.

  5. mhale0


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