Mountain Dew Hoping That Overblogged Musicians Will Help You Take A Second Look At Its Delightful Line Of Beverages

Aug 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

cool-kids-delivery-man1.jpgIf I were to tell you, “Hey, some site has a new MP3 by the Cool Kids to download,” what would your answer be: “Oh nice, do you have a ZShare link?”; “Who?”; or “How delightful! What company could have brought us this little bit of sonic goodness, because I must start purchasing their products immediately!”? Well, the fine people at Mountain Dew are hoping that your answer is No. 3, as they’ve just launched Green Label Sound, an MP3-at-a-time site that currently features an MP3 by the Chicago hip-hop outfit and will soon feature an “exclusive” track from New York City blog darlings Matt & Kim. Because Lord knows there aren’t enough free MP3s by those acts floating around out there… [Green Label Sound via RS / Pic: Nah Right]

  1. Anonymous

    I hate Mountain Dew but I love Matt & Kim. I also love hype machine, which is likely what I’ll use to obtain the song.

  2. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    So…it’s a bad thing that (in a misguided marketing tactic) big dumb companies are paying (often excellent) musicians for their music so that we might get it for free?

  3. Maura Johnston

    @PeterBjorn&Yawn: I’m just saying that given economic realities, the whole bubble of aggressively marketing products to people who have proven nothing more than their willingness to consume nearly anything as long as it’s free has to end soon, and “initiatives” like this resemble a bit of a death rattle. Are there really enough fans of Matt & Kim out there to justify the expense for a campaign like this? I think not.

  4. Al Shipley

    MD really missed the boat on that moment 3 years ago when there were 800 Houston rap mixtapes that photoshopped their logo so that it said “Whut It Dew.”

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    Because Lord knows there aren’t enough free MP3s by those acts floating around out there…

    You dare knock the most-excellent Cool Kids while actually writing about the VMAs and all that other bullshit? Hilarious.

  6. natepatrin

    @Bazooka Tooth: I think that was less a jab against Cool Kids and more a poke at the complete pointlessness and redundancy of the whole enterprise, as it just makes Mountain Dew look like a bunch of useless trend-glommers.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @Bazooka Tooth: Read it again. It’s not a knock. It’s an acknowledgement of a glut.

  8. Anonymous

    @natepatrin: Maybe to people who wouldn’t drink Mountain Dew anyway, but you’re overestimating the intelligence of the general soda-drinking public.

    And if I’m the Cool Kids – fuck it! Get that cheddah!!

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