Hiding Your Listening Habits On Social-Networking Sites? You Should Be Ashamed!

Aug 22nd, 2008 // 18 Comments

pieceofmeee.jpgToday I ran across a neat page on Last.fm outlining the songs and artists that are most likely to be deleted from users’ musical histories on the site, which charts its users’ listening habits to come up with a bunch of charts that constitute a musical profile that’s then shared with the world. While the No. 1 artist who’s been deleted from peoples’ listening habits isn’t all that surprising–”[unknown],” who comes up when people don’t fill out their ID3 tags properly before giving songs a spin–and I’m wholly unsurprised by snobbier music types out there being loath to not want to share how many times they’ve listened to “Piece Of Me” and “Girlfriend” with the world, there were some eyebrow-raising inclusions on both lists. Top five on each chart after the jump.

1. Britney Spears – Piece Of Me
2. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
3. Britney Spears – Gimme More
4. Amy Winehouse – Rehab
5. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

1. [unknown]
2. The Beatles
3. Radiohead
4. Britney Spears
5. Avril Lavigne

The Beatles? Radiohead? Do people want their charts to be “original” so badly that they’ll resort to slaughtering the most sacred cows in order for the likes of Grizzly Bear to top the charts?

More importantly, how could people not want to let the world know that they were grooving to “Say It Right”? That song is a pinnacle of tolerability as far as Nelly Furtado’s career goes!

Last.fm’s Playground [Last.fm via 5500]

  1. Rob Murphy

    This is Scott Storch’s personal list of deletions, right?

  2. Rock You Like An Iracane

    I would never be ashamed of any of the top four songs. The fifth one I hate. But, then, I don’t use Last or any other registered social-networking site show individual songs I don’t like; usually just artists.

  3. superineficaz

    whoa whoa whoa. i can delete things from last.fm? because there are a whole lot of inebriated ani difranco singalongs that i don’t want the world to kn—err, i mean, i don’t want people knowing that i’ve listened to “154″ more than “pink flag.” that’s totally what i meant to say.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Also, “Rehab”? What’s shameful about that?

  5. RaptorAvatar

    Does this mean that we’ll be post-poptimism within five years? Also, I didn’t know you can delete tracks… I just realized that I’ve listened to Lifter Puller and The Hold Steady more than almost everything else in my top 10 combined.

  6. Poubelle

    The only time I deleted some tracks from my last.fm was one time it scrobbled some Ashlee Simpson–not even from my iTunes, but someone’s shared library. But I totally wasn’t listening to it, I was letting my roommate borrow my laptop at the time. And there’s absolutely no recorded evidence that I was singing along.

    Granted, I will start listening to an artist more if I notice a less worthy artist is beating them on my charts. I don’t want anyone thinking I like the Killers more than Kitchens of Distinction or something. Then strangers on the internet could judge me!

  7. AL

    @Poubelle: that’s one of the things that really annoyed me when i was into following my last.fm charts – i would start listening based on who i wanted to get more plays, rather than what i really may have wanted to listen to at the time.

    but hey, Grizzly Bear is my #1 artist, so i guess i did something right!

  8. westartedthis

    people probably delete the Beatles and Radiohead just to give another artist a fighting chance at being no. 1.

    my own name is my personal most deleted, because i don’t want to give people the impression that i’m the type of guy who listens to his own shit on itunes. but i am that type of guy. it’s a real catch 22.

  9. brownham

    @Maura Johnston:

    guess I misinterpreted

    my internet bad!

  10. brownham

    must you always bash grizzly bear maura? must you?

  11. Maura Johnston

    @brownham: Implying that people who listen to the Beatles and Radiohead may also like Grizzly Bear is now “bashing”? Talk about memos that I missed!

  12. DocStrange

    unknown I can understand, maybe some of the Radiohead or Beatles scrobbles were mistagged (like the mistagging of “Creep” as “So Fucking Special” [[www.last.fm]]). I mean, Radiohead is my #1 most played artist on last.fm (with 626 plays. The Cure, Pink Floyd, Blur and Los Campesinos! are not far behind) I don’t understand ANYONE deleting Radiohead from their last.fm. But here’s a few i’ve deleted after one or two listens because they get embarrasing:
    The Academy Is
    Marc Cohn
    Fine Young Cannibals
    Men Without Hats
    several death metal artists recommended to me because the twee pop group Heavenly shares the name with a French power metal band.

  13. dreamsneverend

    I have done the UNKNOWN and other erroneous tag removal before. Simply to neaten things up, I suffer from my wife’s listening habits showing on my last.fm profile as well. I’ll check my most recent list at times to find she’s been jamming out to stuff I find cringeworthy. Alas, I leave it be and it makes for some interesting conversation with friends bring it up hehe.

  14. joris_stereo

    this looks like something we in the business like to call baserate neglect. beatles and radiohead are the most often played artists on last.fm so there are a lot of beatles and radiohead tracks tó delete. would be more interesting to see which artists have the highest percentage of deleted tracks.

  15. Anonymous

    hahah people are afraid of being humiliated for what they listen to i guess….

    the stereotypical hipsters shall inherit the earth…for better or worse

  16. Ned Raggett

    @miryam: Nah, it’ll all come around. And there’s nothing wrong with listening to Menswear.

  17. ineffable.me

    @Poubelle: Yes, I was expecting Ashlee Simpson in that list for sure. I mean, just cause I heard that some people liked her first record or whatever. I wouldn’t really know anything about that.

  18. miryam

    When I read the bit about people not wanting other people to know they were listening to “Piece of Me” and “Girlfriend,” the first thing I thought was, “what’s wrong with listening to Menswear and Matthew Sweet?” I need to get with the times, it seems.

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