My Brain Won’t Stop Going On This Well-Coiffed Carnival Ride

Aug 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

The last time I was at the not-really-upstate-but-up-enough-for-me amusement park Rye Playland was some 15 years ago, and I may have had one of the most perfect syntheses of a carnival ride and the music accompanying it during that trip: I was on this inside version of the Scrambler that had flashing lights going off during the ride, and White Lion’s “Wait” was blaring throughout, its glittering fingerpicking shining even more brightly in the context of whirring around while being visually assaulted with strobes. Anyway, I’m trekking back up there tomorrow, and every time I try to make plans for it, “Wait” pops back into my head. I really hope someone there kept the cassette I’m thinking of, even though it’s surely even moldier now than it was back in 1993. [YouTube]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Let’s face it, though, it would have been much cooler if you heard this track while riding the Gravitron:

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: oh dude. i can only hope. (i also am going to hope that no one pukes when i ride it tomorrow.)

  3. Chris Molanphy

    With your luck, you’ll hear Hinder instead.

  4. D.R. Mosby

    To this day, whenever I hear “Nothing From Nothing” by Billy Preston, it takes me back to a mid-70′s grade school carnival that had a “Music Express” ride (it’s like bobsled ride that goes in a circle while they blast you with music). They had a pretty short playlist – it seemed like they just kept playing that song (and “Will It Go Round In Circles”) over and over again. Just once, though, I’d like to be able to hear “Nothing From Nothing” without being reminded of that ride (or of the ride operator repeatedly screaming out “DO YOU WANT TO GO FASTER?” over the PA).

  5. Anonymous

    Dollars to donuts you’ll hear a Lil Wayne track.

    Rye Playland used to RULE!!!

  6. J DTZR

    White Lion’s bass player James Lomenzo, who looks very fluffy and mall-friendly in the above clip, stopped washing his hair, ditched the spandex for camo and played with Black Label Society and is now in Megadeth.

  7. Kate Richardson

    When I was there last summer we did that thing that spins really fast and throws you against the wall (the one that may harm your internal organs if you do it too many times in a row, they say) and for some reason my friends and I got into a giggle fit during it and they were playing a really awesome R&B song. I can’t remember what it was. In my head it’s that new Mariah Carey single, but it couldn’t have been because this was last summer. Anyway it was so fun and the song made it perfect.

  8. Reidicus

    What my five-year-old said watching this just now is quoteworthy: “Wow, it’s all silly hair day!”

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