A Mookie-less “Canadian Idol” Still Rolls On

Aug 26th, 2008 // Comment

ci_image11.jpgEverything was going so well, Canada, until you had to ruin all my fun. Specifically, my dream of hearing Mookie Morris perform Bryan Adams’ “Heaven,” which was dashed last week when the Canadian people allowed him to be kicked off their poor excuse for a singing competition. Since I’ve come this far with the program, I’ll continue with my recapping duties. But I won’t like it.

Before we get into this week’s performances, allowing those hacks who remain to have their brief moment in the spotlight, let’s take a moment to remember Mookie and all the joy he brought us.

Also, from the early weeks, Mookie’s touching rendition of “These Eyes”:

Think of all you’ve lost, Canada. Then fast-forward to the 9:40 mark of the below video and try to enjoy Mitch MacDonald’s take on Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars”:

For better or worse, the Internet hasn’t provided isolated video clips of the individual performances last night. Most of the Anne Murray songs chosen were actually songs Anne Murray covered, with the exception of Drew’s take on “Hey Daddy” from Anne’s Juno-winning children’s album. I’m sure Anne’s version of “Killing Me Softly” was lush and delightful, but I doubt that’s the version that pops up in even most Canadians’ minds at first.

The other songs chosen by the remaining finalists weren’t much better; they included takes on tracks by Gavin DeGraw and John Mayer. Earl Stevenson took on Steve Miller’s “The Joker” for some unknown reason, but even that came off more as a goofy reason to get kicked off the show before being forced to sing “Everything I Do, I Do For You” next week than anything else.

Someone’s going home tonight–probably Earl, who was about as tedious as he’s been most other weeks–but no one really broke through with a stellar performance. At least whoever wins will pick up a Juno nomination for Best New Artist before slowly fading into obscurity, never to vex us with their supposed talent again, as the cycle begins anew.

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