50 Cent Hits The Game Where It Hurts (You Know, His Wallet)

Aug 27th, 2008 // Comment

2802195967_112570f485.jpgAs you may know, 50 Cent and the Game have been feuding for a while, over credits on albums or actions in strip clubs or just general assholery on the part of both parties. And you also may be aware of the fact that the Game has a new album, LAX, that came out yesterday. Well, some dude on 50 Cent’s mazelike social-networking site ThisIs50.com decided to “celebrate” that fact with presents for his readers!

Yes, in honor of LAX‘s release–or to celebrate the fact that the Internet can turn any old schmoe into an asshole like 50 Cent –a poster on 50′s mazelike social-networking site ThisIs50.com who goes by the name “Industry A$$hole” posted a Sendspace link to the album, calling it 50′s new mixtape. The Sendspace link has since been removed, but naturally the 37-pages-and-counting comment thread is raging on with a debate over whether 50′s ever-shrinking G-Unit is even relevant anymore. Man, as if I didn’t miss the whole Graduation vs. Curtis battle royale enough, this is what’s supposed to be its replacement? Wake me when it’s September, please.

ThisIs50.com Turns Game’s Album Into A Free Mixtape [MissInfo via madeupmemories]


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