“Can You Believe It? I’m Actually Flying Commercial”

Aug 27th, 2008 // 13 Comments

For two and a half minutes, Diddy (who abuses the first third-person like he was Suede or something) laments rising gas prices by (a) flying American Airlines instead of his private jet and (b) giving “a shout out to all my Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters, and, all my brothers and sisters from all the countries that have oil–if you could please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it. Can you believe this? I”m actually flying commercial. That’s how high gas prices are, OK? So I feel you.” The phrase “read it and weep” comes to mind, but Diddy’s genuine incredulity that he might have to act and be treated as a normal person and not a demigod make it more like, “Watch it and vomit.” [YouTube]

  1. TheMojoPin

    I feel him. My hovercraft bills are getting to be ridiculous.

  2. Rob Murphy

    Couldn’t he just hop on Danity Kane’s G650?

  3. GhostOfDuane

    He lied! That wasn’t coach at all! Color me disillusioned… and also, blinded by rage.

  4. queensissy

    He gets a personal circle of hell for that… and it’s a 14-hour flight on Southwest.

  5. Maura Johnston

    I can’t wait for him to sample the world’s tiniest violin on his next single.

  6. Chris Molanphy

    @Maura Johnston: And you’ll hear plenty of it! It’ll form the backbone of the whole damn song!

  7. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @queensissy: Dude, no way, Southwest is like taking a Gulfstream in comparison to AirTran.

  8. Maura Johnston

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: I thought all of AirTran’s fleet had been submerged underneath the marshes of Florida.

  9. Anonymous

    Somebody organize a benefit for him, quick.

  10. queensissy

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Yipe. The only thing that makes Southwest better than Greyhound is fewer beheadings. I fear this AirTran you speak of.

  11. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @Maura Johnston: That was when they were called ValuJet.

  12. Guy on the Windscreen

    Gas prices…not the only thing extremely high in this video.

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