Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Has Its Night In Court With Huey Lewis

Aug 27th, 2008 // 3 Comments

nightcourt.jpgDo you believe in: a) the sheer animal magnetism of John Larroquette in a three-piece suit, b) situation comedy, c) the power of a tribute video to make you feel complete, d) love? If you answered “all of the above,” join me after the jump.

Audio: “Do You Believe in Love” by Huey Lewis and the News
Visual: Clips from Night Court

While so many tribute videos shine by virtue of their incongruities, this one succeeds because the audio/visual combination makes absolute sense. What better accompaniment to a goofy ’80s sitcom than the master of goofy ’80s pop hits? Maybe goofy isn’t the word I’m looking for.

I think this tribute video demonstrates an important principle: sometimes a particular media item can only be described and defined in terms of another, very specific piece of media. In this case, for instance, we see that the tone, pace, and general atmosphere of Night Court cannot be expressed in words, but rather only through the equally dated music of Huey Lewis and the News. That’s why you feel so complete when you watch this video; a noun and its unique modifier are united in a single multimedia experience that brings together Harry Anderson and a red-hot sax solo. What more could you possibly want?

Night Court – Do You Believe In Love? [YouTube]

  1. Maura Johnston

    I loved this show so, so much.

  2. Anonymous

    I still think the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Bull.

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    My childhood…oh lord.

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