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Aug 28th, 2008 // 5 Comments

skeletall.jpg“Be the first hear of Montreal’s brand new masterpiece in its entirety before anyone else… set to LASERS!” (I left out the “ha” put in by the person who wrote the announcement because I’m not sure if it was a funny “ha” or a triumphant one, although I’d say that it should be triumphant, especially because it isn’t happening in New York, but in Seattle.) [The Official Of Montreal Blog]


  1. RaptorAvatar

    Seattle peeps should go to this. The album is very very good(Barnes doesn’t quite make EVERY awkward line land well.)plus, lasers are involved.

  2. El Zilcho!

    Aw, man, who doesn’t love a good laser light show?

  3. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Is there really a dedicated “Laser Dome”, or is this just a repurposed planetarium?

  4. Anonymous

    its multi-functional: Planetarium by day, Laserdome by night. LOL.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, it’s the largest single-purpose laser theater in the world,
    with an 80-foot geodesic dome and a 14,000-watt sound system. We use the
    space for lectures and presentations on occasion, but it truly is a
    laser theater through and through. We’ve hosted a number of CD release
    events and many live shows in addition to the typical Floyd-heavy laser
    show rotation.

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