Soulja Boy Victim Of Social-Network Account Kidnapping

Aug 28th, 2008 // 4 Comments

If this video is to be believed, some hacker purporting to be 12 years old broke into the MySpace and YouTube accounts of vlogger/one-hit wonder Soulja Boy, and subsequently demanded $2,500 to relinquish the passwords. After some boilerplate chat-room racism and counterhacking, all is now well, and apparently the account-stealer’s identity has been revealed–Soulja Boy’s next clip will apparently serve as his revenge on said kid, and we all know how good the kid is at flame wars with people who dare cross him. Here’s hoping the Anonymous masses don’t get so inflamed by whatever happens next, they decide to break into Soulja’s house and take his Segway. [Valleywag]

  1. natepatrin

    I like how the geek demographic that popularized lolcats and terms like “lulz” is filling that VW post’s comments field with expressions of baffled frustration at how young black men all talk funny.

  2. loudersoft


  3. loudersoft


    where are my doggs

  4. jasonelias

    Serves him right for disrespecting Ice-T.

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