The Video Music Awards: They’re Coming! Get Ready!

We have about 52ish hours until Britney Spears trades on her recent notoriety to open the 25th-anniversary installment of MTV’s Video Music Awards, and like last year, you are all invited to watch with Idolator as we break down the goings-on–and, maybe, break down–in real time. So do come back at 8 p.m. ET for the pregame show and the live broadcast, which starts at 9! Sadly, I will not be handling live-blogging duties as a) I was only given a red-carpet pass, and not access to watch the broadcast being simulcast; and b) even if I did high-tail it back to my hotel room really really fast, the damn thing doesn’t air on the West Coast until 9 p.m. PT. But I’ve handed over the task to someone who’s more than capable: Our own Dickdogfood, who pioneered the art of the MTV liveblog all the way back in 2001, which is like forever ago in Internet time.

As I’ve alluded to in a few posts, I spent part of yesterday afternoon on the Paramount Studios lot, where Sunday’s show is taking place, and where a preview of sorts was given to the press. Russell Brand hosted and his all-tangents brand of comedy had me in stitches, I have to be honest. I watched Kid Rock perform “Werewolves Of Alabama” “All Summer Long” while wearing pedicure slippers, and I even danced a little bit, thanks to the cajoling of a pal. (And I was not ashamed, because, well, fuck it.) I saw T.I. descend a fire escape. I realized that Xtina is xtiny. I felt a little part of me shrivel up and die when I heard that Katy Perry would be re-creating Madonna’s performance of “Like A Virgin,” a performance that was already re-created some five years or so ago by performers who, even though they’ve had their share of issues over the years, can still wipe the floor with the ex-Christian warbler. I found out that Kanye West’s “boycott” of the VMAs didn’t even last long enough for one installment of the show to happen. (He’s closing Sunday night’s festivities.) I wondered whether or not, given the number of non-music-related celebrities on the roster of presenters, Sarah Palin and/or Barack Obama had been invited. I got sunburned.

When I got back, I found out that the technical awards had already been announced. Why this wasn’t done while the press gaggle was assembled is beyond me; chalk my confusion up to Why I Work In Editorial Part Eleventy Bazillion. The winners:

Gnarls Barkley, “Run”

Gnarls Barkley, “Run”

Erykah Badu, “Honey”

Death Cab For Cutie, “I Will Possess Your Heart”

The White Stripes, “Conquest”

Kanye West, “Good Life”

Not a Pussycat Dolls victory among them! And the PCDs haven’t been announced as performers or anything yet, either, which leads me to believe that the only thing they’ll be taking home Sunday night is a goose egg.

Anyway, come back Sunday for our coverage! And feel free to conjure up your own dream VMA scenario here.

2008 Video Music Awards Nominations

  • Rock You Like An Iracane

    And feel free to conjure up your own dream VMA scenario here.

    Something something something Katy Perry something something Miley Cyrus something something Britney Spears something something Rue McClanahan something kiss.

    Don’t judge me.

  • DeeW

    I wonder if Britney is really going to perform. If not, then what the heck is she rehearsing for?

    See here:

  • Chris Molanphy

    How, how have I not referred to the Kid’s song as “Werewolves of Alabama” yet?!

    See, this is why you run the show around here.

  • NeverEnough

    Maura! You must bad touch Joe Jonas for me. Make it so.

  • Maura Johnston

    @Chris Molanphy: That was actually a coinage by my friend (and sometime Idolator photographer) Maggie Bandur, who I’ve spent most of my non-working time in LA with. Credit where it’s due!

  • Kate Richardson

    I’m boycotting this year’s coverage of the VMAs because it does not involve me sitting on Maura’s couch drinking all her alcohol and eating pizza (like last year)…JK!JK!JK!

    I’m glad Maura’s in LA and will be a hair’s width away from the Jonas Brothers–close enough to caress their beautiful hair and maybe talk them out of those promise rings.

  • moomintroll

    I’m excited for Russell Brand, he’s hilarious, and hopefully he’ll be edgy and inappropriate (because erm, that’s the only reason I’m watching)
    I heard on his radio show that there are some surprises that he’s not allowed to talk about (but very nearly spilled) so I’m guessing Britney is performing.
    I honestly don’t know half of the musicians nominated…so Russell is squarely in charge of making this worth watching for me. I hope the execs at MTV don’t curb his insanity.

  • Dickdogfood

    Yah, I shall be famous…AGAIN.

  • DocStrange

    I must not make a joke about Death Cab for Cutie’s eight minute video winning Best Editing (It’s a good video and a good song, but that joke just writes itself).

  • Rob Murphy

    @DocStrange: Word, on every single…word. I think that might be MTV trying to reclaim the mantle of being “hip” and “ironic”.