Madonna Very Aware Of Her Ability To Push Catholics’ Buttons

AP840914086.jpgMadonna made her initial foray into the pop world just around the time I started buying albums at the nearby Pathmark, and if there was one parental mandate I was to follow in my record-purchasing, it was this: No Madonna albums. I grew up under the guidance of super-Catholic parents, and my mother was not all that pleased by the whole Madonna/virgin/wayward bride/Holy Mary Mother Of God juxtaposition afforded by her imagery at the time, hence the ban. (I should probably confess here that I cheated on this a bit when I bought the 12-inch single for Madonna’s “Material Girl.” Hey, it wasn’t an album, so not only was I abiding by the rules, I learned what a remix was!) Apparently Madonna hasn’t forgotten about how she can get Catholics all riled up, even in this post-priest scandal, “let’s make the Church smaller in order to save it” age. Because everyone’s retro now!

“I dedicate this song to the Pope, because I’m a child of God,” the performer, 50, told 60,000 fans who flocked to the Italian capital for the latest stop on her Sticky & Sweet world tour, Reuters reports. “All of you are also children of God.”

You can probably guess what the song was.

I would have gone with “Oh Father,” myself, but that’s a discussion for me and someone to whom I’m paying an hourly rate.

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