The Big Apple Announcement: They’re No. 1!

Sep 9th, 2008 // 6 Comments

jobslego.jpgSince I couldn’t make it up to San Francisco to see whatever Steve Jobs wants to dole out to his music-listening public in person (mostly because I wasn’t invited), here’s an open thread in which we can comment on the revelations let loose by Steve Jobs at today’s “Apple: Let’s Rock” event. Already, he’s thrown down with the factoid that his company is the No. 1 music distributor in any format–ahead of even Wal-Mart and Best Buy–and that iTunes 8 is going to have a feature called “Genius,” which will make iTunes Store recommendations to users based on their past listening habits and that “rating” feature that I suspect maybe 10% of iTunes users actually put time into. (Oh well, at least it’ll defintiely be better at segues than Party Shuffle, am I right?) Anyway, have at it! [Gizmodo]

  1. Top Of A New Morning!

  2. Ned Raggett

    @Top Of A New Morning!: Jack Johnson will do that to people.

  3. Anonymous

    I bought a sony mp3 cd player in 2002 with a car kit for $100. As long as you didn’t finalize the cd you can keep adding mp3s to it. It is still working great. Why would anybody buy Ipod? A drop from about 5 feet tends to break it. People tend to want to steal them. The hard drives die easy. And the battery tends to die in a few years.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Comments are dead here because absolutely everything was predicted by the blogosphere over the past two weeks. It’s not Jobs’s fault, but his secrecy engine is dying out; people have gotten too good at shaking the right trees (Asian equipment manufacturers, accessory makers, etc.) to leak everything way in advance.

  5. Ned Raggett

    @Chris Molanphy: He needs to go the Radiohead route and charge people for the info leak.

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