One “Barracuda” Songwriter Makes Best Of The Whole Sarah Palin Situation

Sep 9th, 2008 // 12 Comments

iamalreadytiredofherface.jpgHat tip to commenter Rajmahall for mentioning “Barracuda” co-writer Roger Fisher’s reaction to the whole Sarah Palin controversy. Fisher was less irritated by the Republican ticket’s use of the song than the Wilson sisters–but as a supporter of the opposing side, he’s decided to donate a portion of his royalities from the track to the Obama campaign. [Political Ticker]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I’m begining to think you guys don’t like Sarah Palin that much.

  2. loudersoft

    I like her just fine as Governor of Alaska.

  3. rajmahall

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Considering that as mayor she chared rape victims for their own forensic exams, meanwhile sinking the town 20 million in debt for a fucking sports complex, yeah. She’s an asshole.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    We here at Idolator pride ourselves on our shameless blue-stateyness.

  5. revmatty

    Wait, I thought we hated all politicians equally

  6. The Illiterate

    Not this year.

  7. Anonymous

    I find this simply amazing!

    It reflects the poor judgement of both Sarah Palin and John McCain.
    Did either of these candidates listen to the lyrics? Barracuda isn’t
    a flattering song… but if the shoe fits…

    “If the real thing don’t do the trick
    No, you better make up something quick
    You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick
    Ooooooohhhh, barra barracuda…”

    From Wikipedia:

    Upon its release “Barracuda” became Heart’s second top-twenty hit in
    the U.S., peaking at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100. The song
    has become one of the band’s signature tunes and is still a staple on
    American classic rock radio playlists.

    Ann Wilson revealed in interviews that the song was about Heart’s
    anger towards Mushroom Records attempted publicity stunt involving
    sisters Ann and Nancy and a made up lesbian affair. The song
    particularly focuses on Ann’s rage towards a fan who came up to her
    after a concert asking how her “lover” was. She initially thought he
    was talking about her then boyfriend, band member Michael Fisher.
    After he revealed he was talking about her sister Nancy Wilson, Ann
    became angry and went back to her hotel room to write the song.[1]


    Heart (A.Wilson/N.Wilson/R.Fisher)

    So this aint the end -
    I saw you again today
    I had to turn my heart away
    Smiled like the sun -
    Kisses for real
    And tales – it never fails!

    You lying so low in the weeds
    I bet you gonna ambush me
    Youd have me down down down down on my knees
    Now wouldnt you, barracuda?

    Back over time we were all
    Trying for free
    You met the porpoise and me
    No right no wrong, selling a song-
    A name, whisper game.

    If the real thing don’t do the trick
    You better make up something quick
    You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick
    Ooooooh, barracuda?

    Sell me sell you the porpoise said
    Dive down deep down to save my head
    You…i think you got the blues too.

    All that night and all the next
    Swam without looking back
    Made for the western pools – silly fools!

    If the real thing don’t do the trick
    No, you better make up something quick
    You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick
    Ooooooohhhh, barra barracuda.



  8. loudersoft

    And wouldn’t you know it, those ignorant motherfucking assholes running the McCain/Palin campaign (who don’t listen to anyone when they’re asked to do anything anyways) are *STILL* using the song at public rallies, as they did today.

    Wow, you’re fucking dense. NO MEANS NO.

  9. ObtuseIntolerant

    @loudersoft: I choose instead to interpret it as an eloquent statement of how much they give a shit about what American citizens want. Apparently, we make superfun speedbumps to drive over.

  10. loudersoft

    @ObtuseIntolerant: Maybe she should try using “Stand By Your Man”. I doubt she’ll hear any dissent with that one and, if you’ve watched any of her campaign stops during this election, you understand why a) my statement is not sexist and b) it’s a much more appropriate choice than “Barracuda”.

  11. Nicolars

    @loudersoft: I think she should use “Stupid Girl”.

  12. T'Challa

    Sarah Palin’s campaign song has been staring her in the face this whole time: Kid Rock’s “American Bad-Ass”

    And he would LOVE it if she used it…

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