Signs Of The Forthcoming Apocalypse: The Hold Steady Edition

Sep 9th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Holdsteadystaypositive.jpgSadly, the article doesn’t appear to be online, but I can assure you I saw the following news with my own eyes. The current newsstand issue of Christianity Today–which I like to think of as the Time of the evangelical community–features a review of the new Hold Steady disc, Stay Positive. Sure, it makes sense for an act that’s rich in religious iconography to be reviewed in the magazine, but the fact that the act is the Hold Steady was a bit disconcerting. And the lede–”Craig Finn, lead singer and songwriter for Brooklyn’s the Hold Steady, writes about drug addiction, casual sex, and Jesus”–doesn’t make it any less so. Congrats go to Paste writer Andy Whitman for sneaking the act into the Billy Graham-founded publication, even if Stay Positive might see the act at their least “Christ-haunted.” [Christianity Today]

  1. Reidicus

    Andy’s a friend of mine, and a razor-sharp critic. Yay him for, as you so appropriately put it, sneaking this one in there.

  2. Dan Gibson

    @Reidicus: This sounds like the sort of thing I’m opening myself to be openly mocked for saying, and I would have never written in the post itself, but Christianity Today is a much better publication that the title would imply, so maybe the word “sneaking” is a little bit of a stretch. Still, I agree, Whitman’s a solid writer in a sea of hackery (myself included).

  3. Reidicus

    @Dan Gibson: Actually, funny you should say that. Naturally, I don’t end up on CT’s site very often, but when I do, I’m often surprised by how well done it is, either in terms of subject matter (e.g. Evangelicals becoming newly active on global warming) or in terms of writing quality (e.g. having enough of a clue to hire a real music writer like Andy).

    It won’t get much respect in NYC publishing circles (or, quite likely, on this blog) by its very title and mission, but this isn’t the well-meaning but oft-overreaching publication I remember from my 70s and 80s childhood, that’s for sure.

  4. Ned Raggett

    His next goal should be to get a cover story reading “Why Joy Electric Is Better Than Creed in All Things.”

  5. Eugene Langley

    I think this is pretty awesome.

  6. Reidicus

    @Dan Gibson: I would totally attend that.

  7. Dan Gibson

    @Ned Raggett: I’d be happy to write that piece. Someday, I’m going to scrape together the cash to book Ronnie for a tribute to _We Are The Music Makers_ concert. It will be a glorious evening.

  8. Reidicus

    Looks like this is finally online:


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