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The Crocodile Cafe was one of the most beloved rock venues in Seattle until its closure last December. Now, however, it’s set to be resurrected under new ownership. Kerri Harrop, a.k.a. DJ Cherry Canoe, will be handling PR duties; she’s got a rundown of the reopening, below a long, heartfelt reminiscence of the place’s old guard. [General Bonkers]

  1. loudersoft

    Oh well THANK FRICKIN’ GOD!!

    I spent many wonderful, wonderful nights of my misspent youth getting tanked at that bar, watching incredible shows in the main room, chit-chatting with Stephanie or Christine or Jim (the unflappable and unstoppable man of sound). Truly, some of the best nights of my life I can attribute to the Crocodile Cafe.

    Ok, I’m crying right now.

  2. LucyTuzy

    Can’t fucking wait. Seriously.

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