Diddy’s Claims Of Having A Private Jet Are Somewhat Full Of Hot Air

Sep 10th, 2008 // 1 Comment

diddddy.jpgHey, remember when we made fun of Diddy for his jet-set sense of noblesse oblige? It turns out he was kidding, sort of, because he doesn’t actually own his own plane. He doesn’t even lease it–well, he does, but NetJets, the flying machine’s real owner, refers to buying time on a private plane as “fractional ownership.” That phrase goes into the books alongside such other dubious phrases as “fresh frozen,” “Republicans for change,” and “rapper Diddy.” [Gawker]

  1. wondergoodtx

    As someone that works as an advertiser for one of these “time shares in the sky” companies, I can attest to the frustration that goes along with working in an oxymoronic(sp?) industry. The last of your examples is most relevant.

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