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75966437.jpgCraig Finn chatted with readers (or at least dictated answers to their questions over a phone) to talk the Twins bullpen (it’s rough), why musicians often shy away from liking sports (old ideas of rebellion and mainstream culture in America), fishing with Kent Hrbek (“a great guy”), and his favorite team from his adopted home of New York City (the Mets, as they should be). Also his at-bat music would probably be Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak,” a choice that I obviously approve of. Alas, no one asked him whether or not Carlos Delgado should be NL MVP, although I think we all know the answer to that question… [ESPN]

  1. MayhemintheHood

    This is pretty cool, only because he’s die hard about a smaller market team. I wouldn’t really be interested in reading about a songwriter’s interest in the Skanks or chowder heads.

    Is Delgado even being mentioned for MVP? David Wright seems like the choice to go with from the Mets…but he’s going to have to get above .300 probably to do so.

  2. Top Of A New Morning!

    But what does Denard Span think of Bones Brigade?

  3. Marth

    While I am a Twins fan myself and at least an admirer of Craig Finn And The Hold Steadys, this whole “Craig Finn loves the Twins and likes to talk baseball” angle is starting to really get old. It seems just about every interview I’ve seen of his lately somehow brings up the topic. I mean… I don’t know. Is it really that much of a novelty?

    Although it is cool that they play the Hold Steady’s version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at every Twins home game.

  4. BaseballBookshelf

    Delgado winning the MVP would be like Celine Dion winning the Grammy for Best Album Grammy in 1997. Pujols equals Odelay?

  5. Maura Johnston

    @Marth: But it’s September!

    @BaseballBookshelf: Marty Noble doesn’t lie, yo:


    And this was written before last night.

    (And yeah I know that he writes for the hometown site, blah blah blah, but believe me, he’s very plain-spoken about the team.)

  6. Audif Jackson Winters III

    This isn’t nearly as cool as when Tommy Stinson went on Jim Rome, didn’t want to talk about the Replacments, and only wanted to talk pro hoops.

    It is, however, much cooler than Flea blogging about the Lakers.

  7. MayhemintheHood

    @Maura Johnston: September is great, especially today. Angels can clinch with a win and Rangers loss…both of which are in the works as I type.

  8. michaelpop

    “Jailbreak” is a fantastic choice for at-bat song! I’m sure there’s been a post about it at some point, but what would be your at-bat music, Maura?

    At the moment mine would be Kanye’s “Stronger”. That song gets me so jacked up, you know? In fact, I’m really surprised that it hasn’t reached “Lose Yourself’s” status as a Jock Jam staple.

  9. Maura Johnston

    @MayhemintheHood: and it’s a win over the Yankees, at that!

  10. MayhemintheHood

    @Maura Johnston: Exactly. Screw those guys. I have no beef with your Mets though, unless we happen to meet in October.

    @michaelpop: I think “Lose Yourself” gets more love in that sense because the lyrics are Rocky-ish.

    Mark Teixeira comes out to Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock”. It’s pretty tough. I am also down with the random salsa music Vlad walks out to.

  11. MayhemintheHood

    @Maura Johnston: One other thing, Maura. Are there any Mets fans that are clamoring for the signing of Frankie Rodriguez after this season? I don’t want to see him go, but he most likely will. He won’t be cheap and since the Skankees have Rivera still, there may be another NY team in the running.

  12. TheDTrain

    As a die hard Phillies fan and a big Hold Steady fan…something’s going to have to give.

  13. Maura Johnston

    @MayhemintheHood: After it was announced that wagner was probably going to miss all of ’09, the Mets fans started frothing. (Somehow, the Eddie Kunz bandwagon never really got a-going.) Whether or not it’ll work out is another thing to be seen.

  14. natepatrin

    That was actually me with the batter-up music question, and (note the avatar) I dug the answer plenty.

  15. natepatrin

    @Big Gray.: Oh, shut up with your Gant Shot First garbage. Dude fell over, simple as that. Your tomahawk-Seig-Heiling Atlanta Braves won their (single solitary) World Series in ’95, go be happy over that, why don’t'cha. What, did Chuck Knoblauch cheat by dekeing Lonnie Smith outta his cleats, too?

    America’s team, my St. Paul ass.

  16. Lucas Jensen

    @natepatrin: Twins fans are literally the ONLY people who believe that. Even the announcers at the time were saying that the play was hinky. That’s right. HINKY.

    And so we are little Hitlers now? Kirby Puckett was a wife-beater and serial abuser and you guys worship him like a god.

    And Lonnie Smith is going to hell for not rounding the bases.

  17. Marth

    Am I on the right site? Does anyone have a Barbaro joke to make?

  18. saturn

    To bring this back to music, I’m really enjoying The Baseball Project.[]

    Check it out if you like baseball history and Pete Buck, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, and friends.

  19. saturn

    Also, my at-bat song is Liz Phair, 6’1

  20. Ted Striker

    I’ve been a baseball fan for 20 years, and I’ve never met anyone who hated the Twins before. Yankees, Mets, Sox: sure. Congrats for teaching me something, Idolator.

  21. LeBron

    If Delgado wins the MVP, which he could if they make the playoffs, it’s probably the single greatest turnaround in baseball history. People forget about just how hopeless this guy was the first three months of the season. Lots of people wanted to release him! Imagine if they had, and the Yankees had picked him up and rode him to the playoffs? I mean, Mets fans already have a complex…

  22. Lucas Jensen

    @LeBron: I think for those first three months alone, the guy doesn’t deserve it. The Mets were an awful team. The Braves beat them in 7 out of their first 9 outings!

    And Kent Hrbek is a cheat…need I remind everybody about when he pulled Ron Gant off the base in the World Series? On days like today, we should never forget.


  23. sicksteanein

    Hey, how about them Jays, people? I love how they decide to get good in the fall every year when it doesn’t matter anymore.

  24. Anonymous

    It’s not like Finn is the only indie rocker to dig sports. It has kind of dropped off in his solo career, but Stephen Malkmus used to always pepper Pavement lyrics with sports snippets.

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