Feeling the Fabric Gets Scientific

Sep 10th, 2008 // Comment

DJ-mix series come and go, but the paired Fabric and FabricLive mixes have so far issued more than 80 CDs. To see how they stack up as a whole, I’m reviewing them in numerical order, and very loosely: in some cases I will only have played the mixes only two or three times.

Fabric 05: Pure Science (July 2002)
How about that: an almost featureless album I enjoy almost mindlessly, as pure sound. This probably sounds as “2002″ as it’s possible to, an especially impressive trick given that filter-heavy, electro-kissed, “wet percussion”-drenched house is all it is, for 13 tracks, all of them by Pure Science (a.k.a. Phivos [Phil] Sebastiane, per Discogs entry). So yes, Villalobos was beaten to it. (More than once, but we’ll get to that.) The shapes shift but the textures remain the same; why mess with a good sound? Which is almost all this is. Which, for me, is enough.

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