BREAKING: Kanye West Arrested At LAX

Sep 11th, 2008 // 14 Comments

For “felony vandalism,” which is actually code for “shaking down a couple of annoying paparazzi who were bothering him while he was at Los Angeles International Airport.” (One of the paps was from TMZ, which has “helpfully” provided a chat room for its readers to react to this unfolding story. Sample comment: “kanye looks like urkle.” Sample comment from someone who goes by the name “TMZ_admin”: “Kanye for Pez… tilt his head back and take a candy.” Oh, Internet age, do you ever stop giving?) [TMZ]

  1. sXenester

    someone with the username “pickcotton” posted in that chat that “kanye should go back to picking cotton.”

    fucking seriously? it’s bad enough we’ve got the lowest common denominator obsessed with celebrity and fuck-all else, but someone feels justified making a ridiculously racist statement over Kanye getting bull-rushed by paparazzi and trying to just peacefully going about his business? Yeah, Kanye was in the wrong with what he did, but fuck.

    I declare it open season on hunting paparazzi. The election’s far more important than anyone’s “celebrity.”

  2. MayhemintheHood

    TMZ is so godawful.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @sXenester: tmz commenters are maybe half a step above pond scum. (and they really do keep the whole “eternal september” tradition of aol alive, eh?)

  4. sXenester

    @maura TMZers and Perez fans really are the LCD but i fear that the lowest common denominator is far more common than the politically interested and motivated citizen. we’re fucked.

    also, love hearing you on FNX. I’m merely a street teamer for them, therefore on the payroll, but it’s nice hearing shit you like on the air, y’know?

  5. MayhemintheHood

    Whats FNX?

  6. Maura Johnston

    @MayhemintheHood: it’s a radio station in boston where i appear every thursday morning.


  7. Rob Murphy

    I think you should add to this post the freakiest looking picture of Ye I’ve ever seen…


  8. Rob Murphy

    @Rob Murphy: In fact, this should be the new “default” pic for Kanye posts…

  9. natepatrin

    JUST IN: Bjork confirmed as guest star on 808s & Heartbreak.

  10. DocStrange

    @Maura Johnston: You’re on WFNX?
    Awesome! They no longer broadcast into Rhode Island but they were tied for the longest time as my favorite radio station (with WBRU, and unlike WBRU, WFNX never played hip-hop all Sunday and didn’t alienate the alternative rock fans) but I listen to them a bit online. They’re a good alternative rock station. Nice to know you frequent that station.

  11. loudersoft

    Truth be told, I wish he’d shot the cameraman instead of breaking his camera. Someone needs to send these assholes a clearer message.

  12. Al Shipley

    @loudersoft: Wow, you sound like you hate them more than the nazis.

  13. loudersoft

    @Al Shipley: Paparazzi rhymes with proper nazi

  14. alec_baldwin

    He’s got the crazy eyes. Damn you hubris!

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