Hey Asshole, The After-Aftermath: Oasis Cancel New York Show

Sep 11th, 2008 // 4 Comments

oasis_Main_shot.jpgOasis’ show tomorrow night in New York City has been scrapped because Noel Gallagher is still recovering from injuries to his midsection suffered Sunday night, when he was body-checked by a Canadian “fan.” This would seem to contradict Noel’s blog post in which he said that his band would probably get a couple of extra days in NYC as a result of the incident. I’m guessing this means that the band’s plans to join buskers in the city’s subway tunnels is off as well, although there’s no confirmation of that yet. [stopcryingyourheartout.com]


  1. loudersoft

    You know, they finally come out of asshole-dom for the first time in a decade & some stupid fucking punk has to destroy it. And now, we’ll never know if he did the world a favor or ruined a chance to see Oasis as actual human beings.

    Thanks douchebag.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope Noel makes a speedy recovery, and thanks for giving my website a
    shout out.


  3. BobbyMoon

    Too bad the guy didn’t somehow damage his vocal cords so we would never have to listen to their shite music ever again.

  4. Jay

    This never would have happened if Bonehead was till in the band.

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