Fake Ne-Yos Apparently Running Wild In New York City

AP080904012897.jpgAt the end of last month, smooth singer Ne-Yo was allegedly scheduled to play the New York club Mansion on Aug. 31 for a show sponsored by the promotion company Party at NYC–even though they apparently hadn’t booked him, and he was actually performing at another club on the city’s noxious West Side that night. So what did the Party at NYC folks do when the audience started agitating? Well, first, they apparently coralled a “fake Ne-Yo”–who I guess was just hanging around the club–to entertain ticket holders, but that didn’t work, I guess because the impersonator didn’t have his hat tilted enough. So then, they told the crowd that the singer was “stuck” in the Gulf of Mexico. Why there and then, you might ask? The answer, after the jump.


It’s the 21st-century “dog ate my contract,” only with more possibility of destruction!

WILL THE REAL NE-YO STAND UP [Page Six] [Gustav image via Wikimedia]