Is Ciara Mad That “Vibe” Opened Her Up To A Lot Of “Goodies”-Related Puns?

Sep 12th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Like the Timex Social Club, I spend a lot of time lamenting the rumors that surround me every day. How do they get started? And where do they get crazy? In Truthmongerer, I’ll try to suss out the kernels of truth in the rumors that are taking up airspace in gossip columns, blogs, and our tips inbox.

THE RUMOR: Ciara is contemplating a lawsuit against Vibe, saying that her nude pics in the mag–including the one on the cover–were the result of Photoshop trickery, and not her posing while wearing nothing but a pair of super-ugly shoes.


LIKELY TRUTHS: Ciara might not be all that happy with the result of her Vibe shoot, although I suspect it’s more because they didn’t exactly set the world on fire with their SHOCKING NUDITY!! than anything else.

LIKELY FALSEHOODS: Hey, look at this interview where Ciara talks about the shoot!

“It was pretty fun,” Ciara revealed in a recent interview with Dimewars. “It was my first time being this open for a photoshoot. This was my first cover for my new project so it was a lot of fun. I’m in a different space now, I’m older… I’m in an even more experimental and really fun feeling phase right now so I think a lot of that just came out when I was doing my photoshoot…Just stepping into this setting today I was excited, I was very happy I’m in a different phase and very very experimental phase so because of that there is a very strong connection to what I’m doing today.”

These rumors of her suddenly being unhappy with the pictures–which mushroomed from being mentioned on one blog Wednesday to much, much more today–seem more like a ploy to keep her name in the press than anything else. Did you know that a single of hers leaked this week? Yeah, neither did I, until I Googled around for something on this “lawsuit” beyond a whirlpool of sites whispering the rumor while all linking to one another. Bottom line, this smells more like a whsiper campaign designed to keep Ciara’s name “out there” and simultaneously capitalize on the post-Jordin Sparks outburst era than anything else. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my suspicions.

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  1. Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    I preferred the “Is the Ciara a man?” buzz that went around a while back…can we dig that back up?

    Also, those shoes aren’t that bad*.

    *Used to be engaged to a “dancer” so shoe taste is forever tainted

  2. The Human Tornado

    Did you hear the one Tina? Some say she’s just a tease.

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