Name Fight! Deerhunter vs. The Dear Hunter!

Sep 12th, 2008 // 7 Comments

mortal-kombat-logo.jpgYesterday, while I was listening to a stack of singles that I’ve been ignoring for awhile, I came across a track from Boston act The Dear Hunter. While the song wasn’t bad, the entire time it was playing all I could think about was how at some point, there’s going to be a conversation when I’m forced to distinguish between The Dear Hunter and Atlanta act Deerhunter. The similarity in names is too much for my brain–and, I suspect, the brains of other people out there–to handle, so one of the acts is going to have to change its name. Below the cut, my attempt to determine which act is going to be forced to rebrand their musical identity.

Length of band’s existence:

This should be probably the primary determining factor, but I don’t want to go just on longevity alone. What if the older band is awful?

The Dear Hunter: 2005-Present
Deerhunter: 2001-Present

Snap aesthetic judgment based on the first thing that comes up on YouTube:

Again, not exactly a fair way to judge things, but who wants to listen to entire discs of music to make a decision about whether an act is worth listening to? The album era is dead, man.

The Dear Hunter, “Red Hands”:

Deerhunter, “Strange Lights”

I don’t know if I would describe myself as a fan of either song, particularly. However, the Deerhunter track is shorter, and doesn’t include the lyric “I was pulling out my heart so I could pin it to my sleeve”, which is just enough to pull off a win.

Gimmick accompanying the playing of music:

Music’s not enough these days to validate your existence as a band. There’s gotta be a hook, something to pull in the fans. Sufjan has his states project; the Jonas Brothers have their scarves.

The Dear Hunter: Currently working on a nine-album story cycle “about the birth, life, and abrupt death of a boy, known only in the story as ‘The Dear Hunter.’” Also, the albums will be themed somehow to the colors of the visible spectrum.
Deerhunter: Lead singer Bradford Cox’s onstage antics include fake blood, dresses and occasional nudity.
POINT: DEERHUNTER Deerhunter seem to limit the wackiness to the live show, which allows still allows the music to be enjoyed on a surface level at home; the thematic nature of the Dear Hunter challenges the listener on every level.



Tough break, Dear Hunter frontman Casey Crescenzo. I’ll expect a press release announcing your name change by the end of the month.

The Dear Hunter [homepage]
Deerhunter [MySpace]


  1. Anonymous

    You forgot the part where The Dear Hunter are just a normal but mediocre band and Deerhunter are an unlistenable mess and a crime against music.

  2. MayhemintheHood

    One has “the” in their name.

  3. RaptorAvatar

    Come on, if you’re gonna do a piece like this you have to make at least one hacky joke about Cox being tall/blogging.

  4. Anonymous

    deerhunter will probably break up within the year.

  5. rockstarjoe

    Deerhunter is just awful. The Dear Hunter has some decent tracks, especially their second disc. Receiving End of Sirens was pretty much that guys brain child and they were f-ing awesome.

  6. Anonymous

    That Dear Hunter shit is completely awful. Thanks Dan, now I know I’ll only ever nee done Deerhunter.

  7. bob

    The Dear Hunter is F*cking Amazing, Casey can do no wrong. Watch them play live and see their amazing 6 part harmonies and just pure amazing music they produce beautifully live as well as in studio. One of my top 3 all time favorite bands.

    Now I’ve listened to deerhunter and they are far more mediocre, and at times unlistenable, some songs are decent, but nowhere as progressive or imaginative as any of the Dear Hunter’s albums, listen to act 1 or 3 and then tell me I’m wrong.

    then again the names aren’t exactly the same, and I’ve personally been in a band where in other states other bands had the same name, we didn’t change ours……

  8. Jeremy

    Unlike everyone else here apparently, I agree with the result. Deerhunter is just more interesting. And I listen to both bands and always loved TREOS. So since I seem to be the only one here who knows and enjoys them both, I think I get the final say.

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