Jack White Loses Quantum Of Dignity

Sep 12th, 2008 // 16 Comments

jwhite.jpgIf there’s one thing we know about Jack White–besides his penchant for ugly facial hair–it’s that he loves money. Lucky for him the Coca-Cola corporation has plenty where that came from, and a massive cross-promotion deal with the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. White composed the music for a new Coke Zero/Quantum commercial, proving his corporate cred once and for all to the notoriously insular and judgmental Madison Avenue scene, which has long accused him of selling in.

The ad is part of an integrated campaign that includes the rebranding of Coke Zero as Zero Zero 7 to reflect Bond’s 007 code name.

Coke’s commercial has been made in the distinctive red and black of Coke Zero–also a colour scheme used in the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army video.

Oh, now I understand why Jack White took on this project! Coke Zero bottles have the same color scheme as a White Stripes video from five years ago!

Bobby Brittain, the brand director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, said that the campaign “combines the drama of James Bond with the essence of Coca-Cola Zero in a stylish and contemporary fashion”.

Coca-Cola’s multimillion pound campaign, the largest ever to support Coke Zero, includes a tie-up with Mohamed Al Fayed’s department store Harrods.

The “essence of Coca-Cola Zero” has to be one of the most hilariously atrocious advertising buzz phrases I’ve ever heard. Yes, do explain the essence of a chemically engineered blend of carbonated water and Aspartame. Does it evoke the fizzy, fat-free riffs of the White Stripes? Or maybe the sleek masculine style of James Bond? Whatever the case, the essence of Coke Zero is definitely cool and refreshing.

As for the commercial itself, it’s graphically boring and predictable (silhouettes of girls in bikinis, a fight scene, black and red color scheme, etc.), but the song is actually pretty well-done. White incorporates some motifs of previous Bond music while putting his distinctive riff-and-percussion-heavy stamp on the composition, not to mention a pretty wicked string part. If this corporate test run is any indication, his Quantum of Solace theme with Alicia Keys should be pretty awesome. I mean, not as good as this Coke Zero ad, but close.

Coca-Cola launches ad featuring Jack White’s Quantum of Solace music [The Guardian]

  1. Dan Gibson

    If this entire campaign somehow makes my purchase of cases of Coke Zero somewhat cooler, I’m all for it.

  2. RaptorAvatar

    I can’t imagine Jack White drinking Coke Zero. Maybe if he was being affectatious and holding his pinkie out to the side while faking a British accent. However, at that point, I think he’d just go with tea.

  3. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    Something I learned in a bar conversation that may or may not be true: Diet Coke is actually the New Coke recipe w/ artificial sweetener, whereas Coke Zero is the Coke Classic recipe.

    Anyway, people that work in advertising are all repulsive scumbugs. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go figure out the *essence* of a rival beverage.

  4. janine

    I’m sure I come across as beating a dead horse sometimes, but I have to ask. The people who have negative things to say about this actually paid for their White Stripes/Raconteurs music, right?

  5. Anonymous

    @PeterBjorn&Yawn: I don’t know if that’s true, but “Mountain Dew Live Wire” is the same recipe as the old “Orange Slice” recipe, back from when it contained caffeine (up until 2000 or so).

  6. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @PeterBjorn&Yawn: Diet Coke predated New Coke.

  7. Kate Richardson

    @janine: I don’t have any White Stripes/Raconteurs music, paid-for or not.

  8. bcapirigi

    i’m pretty sure they are going for ‘the sleek, masculine style of james bond’ since coke zero was basically coke’s way of selling diet soda to people who didn’t want to seem girly.

  9. janine

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Yup. It was supposed to be step one in rolling out new coke.

  10. Halfwit

    @Kate Richardson: Wait… really?

  11. Kate Richardson

    @Halfwit: Yes. No real reason. Just indifferent.

  12. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Let’s turn the mic over to wikipedia for a sec:
    “Diet Coke does not use a modified form of the Coca-Cola recipe, but instead an entirely different formula. The controversial New Coke, introduced in 1985, used a version of the Diet Coke recipe that contained high fructose corn syrup and had a slightly different balance of ingredients. In 2004, Coca-Cola introduced Coca-Cola C2, which it claims tastes much closer to Coca-Cola but contains half the carbohydrates. In 2005, the company introduced Coca-Cola Zero, a sugar-free variation of regular Coca-Cola.”

    Now it’s time to go find a Mtn. Dew Live Wire!

  13. revmatty

    @Kate Richardson: I’m in the same boat. I’ve heard the songs on XM or on friends iPods, but neither White Stripes nor Raconteurs appeal to me at all.

  14. metalkate

    i hate high fructose corn syrup. i don’t drink that fake sugar either. i’m hooked on Izze sparkling fruit juices.

  15. Clevertrousers

    I drink teeny pomeganite/white grape juice tea. Even Moby thinks I’m a wuss.

  16. I know it’s no where near as good as you interesting posts here but let me at least give you a smile as a form of thanks for your hard work writing this stuff?

    Work is the curse of the drinking class. :)

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