The End Of The Innocence, Cont’d.

Sep 12th, 2008 // 12 Comments

dh.jpg “There was no YouTube, no MySpace, no TMZ. In the ’60s and early ’70s, most artists weren’t willing to ‘ho’ to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Peoples’ lives were not an open book, their foibles not public property. We did our fair share of debauchery, but there was nobody there trying to film it.” Is this the first time I sort of agree with one Mr. Don Henley ever? It very well may be! (Although the whole boomer-exceptionalist bit does, naturally, rankle more than a bit.) [Star-Telegram; HT Reed Fischer]

  1. DaeSu

    Hey Maura, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  2. Audif Jackson Winters III


  3. Maura Johnston

    @DaeSu: What if that broken clock is missing a hand?

  4. Ned Raggett

    @DaeSu: I don’t know whether I should hum Ride or Orbital. Or just quote more from the movie.

  5. DaeSu

    @Maura Johnston: Oh, you know the old fart has a point. . .

  6. Maura Johnston

    @DaeSu: Haha, no, I know! i’m just saying, first time, long time.

  7. Al Shipley

    She may not have been an artist, but the teenage hooker that overdosed in Henley’s house in 1980 certainly had to ‘ho’ to get her fifteen minutes of fame.

  8. Al Shipley

    @T’Challa: There’s also no mention of that incident on Henley’s Wikipedia page now, and I’m pretty sure there used to be, so he knows a little more than just YouTube, MySpace and TMZ.

  9. Hyman Decent

    @Maura Johnston: Is that a Rick Allen joke? Shame on you.

  10. T'Challa

    Speaking of Henley’s run-in with under-aged prostitutes:

    “In 1980, Don Henley was arrested after a naked 16-year old girl was found at his home in Los Angeles suffering from a drug over-dose, he received a $2,000 fine with two years probation.

    As Henley later explained.

    “I didn’t have sex with her: Yes, she was a hooker. Yes, I called a madam. Yes, there were roadies and guys at my house…I was lost for a while there, drinking heavily, doing a lot of drugs.”

    Henley was busted by officer Mike Brambles of the LAPD’s Sexually Exploited Child Unit, a cop who later was convicted in LA County on 18 counts of robbery, six sexual-assault-related charges and assault with a firearm.

    Brambles is serving a 102 year sentance, while Don Henley has been enjoying life back on the road with The Eagles, and being one of the most successful and biggest selling musical groups in history. He’s left L.A for Texas, become an outspoken and wallet wielding environmentalist, major Democratic fundraiser, philanthropist and sponsor of Walden Woods Project & The Thoreau Institute.

    Mr.Henley was able to get this nasty child prositute, Quaaludes and cocaine episode behind him, and omitted from a later book about The Eagles, using his pull within the Warners empire, who also owned the publishing company handling the book…

    *And in 2008 people get up in arms when Kanye West smashes a camera. PUH-LEEEZE!

  11. Maura Johnston

    @Hyman Decent: oh gosh, no.

  12. Hyman Decent

    @Maura Johnston: Don’t worry, I know it wasn’t… I was making a Rick Allen meta-joke myself.

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