Ne-Yo Is Looking Sharp

Sep 15th, 2008 // Comment

Our look at the zingers that close out the biggest and most important new-music reviews continues with a roundup of reactions to Year Of The Gentleman, the Idolator-approved album by smooth R & B singer Ne-Yo, which hits stores tomorrow:

• “Year of the Gentleman? He should have called it Gentleman of the Year.” [SF Chronicle]

• “Ne-Yo rarely got it right when it came to the fast stuff, so it’s impressive that he’s figured it out. Still, it’s in heart-broken ballads such as ‘So You Can Cry’ and ‘Stop This World’ that Ne-Yo shows off the big emotions and the bigger-still choruses – the catches in his throat and the tunes. You don’t need a fancy suit for that.” [Philadelphia Inquirer]

• “To his credit, he keeps his disc guest star-free, despite his A-list outside collaborations. In just over two years, he has shown significant growth through three worthy albums, hinting that he may only be scratching the surface of his potential.” [USA Today]

• “The music stays modest throughout the album, even at the rare moments when it simulates an orchestral buildup. There’s no booming macho bass, no jolting effects. Amid the programmed, hermetic patterns, Ne-Yo sounds isolated and needy, like a sweet, affectionate guy just waiting to be rescued. Among current pop postures it’s downright endearing.” [NYT]

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