Jack White Will Not Be Having A Smile With His Coke

AP080906022365.jpgAs a rebuttal of sorts to Friday’s item about a Jack White composition being used in an ad for the slightly-better-than-diet-Coke calorie-free soda Coke Zero, the Idolator tips inbox received this statement from his people over the weekend: “Jack White was commissioned by Sony Pictures to write a theme song for the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, not for Coca Cola. Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others, not by Jack White. We are disappointed that you first heard the song in a co-promotion for Coke Zero, rather than in its entirety.” Which I think translates to “he’s getting a lot of flack for selling out, but he made no extra scratch from this bit of placement.” [Earlier]

  • ragandboneshop

    If he wrote it, he’s making plenty of scratch from its use in an ad, whether or not his permission was asked.

  • Mick Kraut

    Coke ZERO is head and shoulders better than Diet Coke…Diet Coke is based off the “new” coke formula and Coke ZERO from the “Classic Coke” formula…

    /shows self out

  • Maura Johnston

    @ragandboneshop: So is he just upset because of the “unauthorized” use, then? If he’s not involved in approving the song’s use for use in a commercial, doesn’t that indicate that someone else owns the copyrights and is, therefore, reaping the benefits from the song?

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Mick Kraut: I thought we debunked this on Friday? Diet Coke predates New Coke by half a decade. New Coke was in fact a reformulation of the already-extant Diet Coke formula.

    And as a 20-year Diet Coke addict, I’m gonna disagree with both you and Maura: I much prefer DC to Coke Zero. But the company is pushing the latter hard in Europe: when I was in Croatia, when you asked for DC (or its Euro equivalent, Coca Light), they offered you Coke Zero instead. If I want a sweet Coke, I’ll take the regular stuff, thankyouverymuch…

  • Mick Kraut

    @Chris Molanphy:

    My mistake for not checking Friday’s discussion…sorry bout that!

    I have noticed the same in Europe. Seeing more placement in fast food restaurants in US as well…

    What is the difference between the two?

  • El Zilcho!

    @Mick Kraut: Diet Coke was developed in 1983 as a diet cola, and used a new formula. Coke Zero is based off the Coca Cola Classic formula, so that it tastes closer to regular Coke. Diet Coke has always been marketed towards women, and Coke Zero was developed as a diet soda they could market to men, particularly young men. That’s why they switched to black bottles and cans, because black is more manly than white.

  • okiedoke

    Black is the new white.

  • MrStarhead

    Coke Zero uses a new sweetener, the same one that makes Diet Dr. Pepper taste more like regular Dr. Pepper (it’s also used in Sprite Zero, which is why you don’t see Diet Sprite anymore). Said sweetener wasn’t available when Diet Coke came out in the ’80s.

  • ragandboneshop

    @Maura Johnston: I’m no lawyer, but while it is possible (likely, in fact) that some party besides Mr. White could license the song to Coke, he’d still get his publishing money every time the commercial airs. It’s good to be: The Writer.

  • http://everythingfreebies4you.blogspot.com Judson Masten

    you call that a good story?

  • http://mhlnk.com/FE8C1689 celebrity smiles

    first of all he has to realize that things happen and oh well and second as of the title, who wants to see him smile anyways he needs major work.