Sonseed: The Last Word (Complete With Suggested Last Meal)

Last week, Dan Gibson looked into the strange case of Sonseed, a Christian ska outfit whose song “Jesus Is My Friend” was exhumed by a blogger for the sake of lulz and other expressions of Internet happiness. Who were these happy people? Were public-access production values really that good lo those many years ago? The proprietor of Dougsploitation, the site that debuted the tape, chimed in to say that he really had been holding on to the Sonseed-containing VHS tape all these years, but over the weekend we got further evidence of the video’s veracity via a very heated e-mail from one Salvatore Polichetti. The subject line? “How full of shit are you? Lots!” The full power of Christ’s love, after the jump.

Hey, asshole,

Sonseed was a group that in it’s five short years together brought more joy to people than your tiny little mind can fathom. We had literally thousands of fans. I know this because 2000 of them showed up for our farewell concert in 1983. Of course the artwork looks professionally done, schmuck, it was! Joe Ciccone, one of our original members was an art director for Dancer-Fitzgerald ad agency. The “Sonseed” logo and every square inch of the album cover was conceived and designed by Joe. Professionally. And the album was recorded “professionally” too. In a real live recording studio. With tape and everything. I know it must seem strange to you that people can actually do something good for people. We never charged for our concerts ; we passed the “hat” which paid for our equiptment. And when we sold the album at our concerts if people didn’t have the lousey 5 bucks we gave it to them. Wow! Someone doing something nice for someone? A concept I’m sure you find unbelievable. What have you done with your miserable life, dickhead, except trying to bring people down. The thing that really pisses me off is thet the familly of our drummer, who tragically passed 15 years ago, might actually see your river of shit and get upset. You have no soul.

Wanna see how real we are? Package and sell “Jesus is a Friend of Mine”. Go ahead. As the singer and songwriter I have the copyright. I never made a dime off the song but man, I’ll have your balls in a box before you can say “save me Jesus”. I know no one will ever see this note because people like you never have the balls to admit they were wrong. I, however, do feel much better!

Eat shit and live, prick.

Um, is coprohagia Biblically allowed? Anyway, I wrote him back and offered to print the letter, and he replied and let me know that I could. He also apologized for using obscenities, and said that he really did feel better after hitting “send.” (Ah, the cathartic power of e-mail.) Really, I think that our questioning was genuine–if anything, it was their high level of talent, plus the fact that Christian music is the fish to the barrel of the Internet, that led to us wondering what was up.

Let’s all move on from this unfortunate signal-crossing and listen to “Jesus Is My Friend” one more time:

I hope you’re at least getting money from this, Sal!

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