Sep 25th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Michaelpa1.jpgCurrently up-and-coming on the Digg music charts: “Michael Winslow (of Police Academy fame) makes noises on stage. His engine noise is better than some Ferraris.” Either the hands of time have somehow turned themselves back 20 years, or the social-news site really is made up exclusively of eternal adolescents whose experience with the world comes exclusively through their computers and late-night movies on Comedy Central. [Digg]


  1. Botswana Meat Commission FC

    The music section reflects Ron Paul’s music tastes. He happens to like Michael Winslow, so what…

  2. rich36

    When Digg was founded, it was centered on technology. So the general populace is centered around a less socially adroit population than one would find on say, an Idolator.

    They’re more inclined to post an article from Cracked than most.

  3. KinetiQ

    I prefer reddit over digg and fark. It has its drawbacks too, but generally it keeps moving enough that nothing stupid stays around for very long. Also they seem almost useless for music news, but that’s why I come here.

    Everyday: reddit, boingboing, idolator. Plenty more than I need to know at any given moment.

  4. Jon W

    Digg, aside from the demographic problems, is living proof that rational individual preferences can yield aggregate irrational preferences under majority rule voting [see slide 4].

  5. Halfwit

    I blame Robot Chicken. Their second season DVD collection came out recently, and Michael Winslow gets much love across the whole thing (episode appearance, special mention in the commentary, and an extended “deleted sounds” entry in the bonus features).

  6. Homage

    Hang on, someone Dugg music news that didn’t pertain to Trent Reznor?

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