Sep 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

demonoid.jpgAn update on the Demonoid downtime from an Idolator reader who ventured into the site’s official IRC channel: “The mods in the official #demonoid irc room (yes, I still rock the irc) have stated that this is a hardware issue. They have repeated time and time again that Demonoid has NOT been shut down by anyone.” There are also other reports of the downtime being a result of hardware failure. [Earlier]


  1. so1omon

    It just seems like most of the places I’ve seen this reported should really know better. Looks like pulling the old Fox News trick of printing the headline with a question mark worked on everyone.

  2. stix

    i have no idea why the media (okay, by ‘media,’ i mean blogs) jumped on this story…

    i mean, really, did anyone ACTUALLY think the CRIA, of all people, have the balls to hassle demonoid? i’m canadian. and trust me, that’s not the way things work up here.

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